Wordle can be both addictive and frustrating to the roughly 3 million people who play it. Many of us would love a little assistance getting to the answer.

Not cheating — just a hint or two.

So we’re offering some help by giving tried-and-true tips for playing the game and clues to today’s puzzle, Wordle No. 616.

Heads up: We’re also posting the answer to today’s Wordle. Spoilers ahead!

For more on Wordle, check out the best Wordle strategy tips, some ideal starter words and a host of Wordle alternatives.

How do I play Wordle?


Correct letters in the right spot show up in green on the Wordle app. 

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Wordle is a daily word game invented by software engineer Josh Wardle in 2021. It’s now available on The New York Times website and app.

Players get six chances to guess a five-letter word. Unless you’re extremely lucky, that means entering a guess and learning what you can from the results to choose your next entry.

  • The right letter in the correct spot shows up in a green box.
  • A correct letter in the wrong spot appears in a yellow box.
  • A letter that isn’t in the word at all shows up in a gray box. 

Wordle tips

Even if you don’t want a clue to today’s answer, there are some best practices that can help you get to the finish line. 

Choose a good first word. It’s nearly impossible to get the answer right out of the gate, so use your first guess strategically. Choose a word with three vowels — like orate, ratio or media.

Personally, I alternate between adieu and audio.

You also want to start out with a word that uses five different letters, to increase your odds of landing on some of the right ones.

Your guesses have to be real words. You might be tempted to randomly enter some commonly used letters to see if any are in the answer. Like, R, S, T, L, N and E — the letters provided to players on Wheel of Fortune.

But you’ll get a “Not in word list” message if you try. 

Don’t use plurals. Wordle doesn’t use plural forms of three- or four-letter words that end in ES or S. So, the answer will never be GIFTS or BOXES. You can enter those as guesses, but they’ll never be right.

The exception is words with irregular plurals, like GEESE or TEETH.

Wordle doesn’t repeat answers. While there are some 13,000 five-letter words in the English language, there are fewer than 2,400 approved for use in Wordle. For now, the game won’t repeat any answers that’ve been used already.

So if you remember that DEATH made an appearance on July 10, 2021, don’t guess it as one of your answers.

Pick two very different words for your first two guesses. This one comes directly from The New York Times. Especially if your first answer doesn’t net a lot of clues, starting over with a new word with all new letters can help with the process of elimination.

Of course, it’ll also add to your overall score, so it really depends on how confident you are that you can solve the puzzle.

Wordle hints for Feb. 25

Hint 1: Today’s word has one vowel.

Hint 2: There is one repeated letter.

Hint 3: The repeated letter starts the word.

Hint 4: You can always count on Wordle to challenge you.

What’s the Wordle answer for Feb. 25?

Still can’t get it? OK, we’ll tell you the answer to today’s Wordle. This is your last chance to look away. 

Today’s word is…

Woman holding '50' balloon

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Collins Dictionary defines “fifty” as “a cardinal number, ten times five.” 

“At 50, everyone has the face he deserves.” –George Orwell

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